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fevereiro 19, 2012

Robert and Philip in Rio

“Não existem barreiras intransponíveis, nem cultura, muito menos idioma. O carinho e a boa vontade em se querer fazer amigos é o suficiente.” (ElayneAguiar)

"Seeking a friend to enjoy the same tastes,
  to be moved when
called a friend. Who knows how to talk of simple things, the dews of
heavy rain and memories of childhood.
I need a friend to not go crazy, to tell what I saw beautiful and sad
during the day, the aspirations and achievements, dreams and reality.
He  must enjoy the deserted streets of puddles and wet roads, roadside,bush after rain, to sleep on the grass. I need a friend who says that life is worth living, not because life is beautiful, but because I have a friend.
I need a friend to stop crying. To not live in the past leaned in search of lost memories.
That knock on the shoulders smiling and crying, but call me friend, so I have the consciousness that still alive "

Vinicius de Moraes

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